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Laser Interface+™

Laser Interface+ Features

Laser Interface+ is a materials-based print driver that gives you the choice of automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings. Laser Interface+, combined with the Universal Control Panel (UCP), gives you complete control over your laser engraving printer.

Enhanced Materials Database

Enhanced Materials Database

Universal's laser systems are known for their ease of use. To get great laser processing results, all you have to do is insert your material, select the correct material type, enter the material thickness and press start.

Available Now for users of current systems!

Universal's laser systems are known for their ease of use. To get great laser processing results, all you have to do is insert your material, select the correct material type, enter the material thickness and press start.

The technology that makes this all possible is Laser Interface+. Laser Interface+ is powered by a comprehensive materials database which is the product of years of research and development by a team of highly trained materials scientists. Universal's materials scientists are always looking for ways to make laser processing more intuitive and efficient. They've just had a breakthrough: the materials database that powers Laser Interface+ is now better than ever.

By implementing more refined processing algorithms, our materials scientists have successfully increased the accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness of Laser Interface+ materials settings across the material spectrum. Whether your material is hard or soft, very thin or very thick, you can be sure Laser Interface+ will provide the optimum material processing settings. One major benefit of the improved database: projects processed using the improved materials database will now enjoy higher processing speeds and better quality results in many instances.

The New Improved Laser Interface+

Manual Mode

Manual Mode

In manual mode there are many advanced settings that allow for extremely fine control of cutting and engraving operations settings on critical jobs.

Multiple Power and Speed Settings within the Same Job – The ability to incorporate different cutting and engraving power and speed settings within the same job increases throughput and versatility.

Combined Raster (Engraving) and Vector (Cutting) within the Same Job – Accelerate setup and production by setting the laser to raster only, vector only or combined raster/vector mode, or by skipping modes according to color.

Built-in Vector Graphic Driver Scaling – Allows you to scale a vector graphic to compensate for material melt-back and beam diameter on high-accuracy cutting jobs.

3D Contouring Mode – Creates dramatic, highly contoured true 3D engraving effects by automatically adjusting laser power on grayscale images so that the dark areas of an image engrave more deeply than lighter areas.

Rubber Stamp Mode – Universal software comes pre-set at optimum settings for high-quality, tight tolerance stamp production using a variety of materials.

Tuning and High-Speed Image Enhancements – Allows fine tuning of images through the print driver to produce better quality engraving on critical jobs.

Service Features

Service Features

Laser Interface+ was designed to help you keep your laser system running in top condition. Laser Interface+ knows when your laser system is nearing its next preventative maintenance event and can even contact your authorized channel partner for you when it is time to schedule service.

Laser Interface+ is also equipped with a software update feature, so you can be sure you always have the latest version.

Productivity Features

Productivity Features

Laser Interface+ is just the right tool to maximize the productivity of your laser system. Easily manipulate job files, move designs around the engraving field and duplicate them at a click to enjoy effortless economies of scale.

Up to 2000 engraving jobs can be saved to memory in Laser Interface+, including all materials setting: you will never be more than a minute away from production. And if time is truly essential, use the job time estimator to determine the run time of a new job before processing it. For the truly connected, Laser Interface+ can be controlled by external signals if the optional automation interface accessory is installed.



You can fine-tune images, even at low print resolutions, to increase cutting and engraving quality. You can also tune laser/driver interaction to produce finer quality on critical jobs.

Print Preview Function
Allows you to preview a job on-screen before it is actually run to ensure proper set-up; also displays the progress of each job as it is running.

Run Time Estimator
Provides an estimate of the time needed to process a job.

Job Storage Buffer
Store and run thousands of jobs and change, restore and save job parameters on the fly without the need to reopen the graphics software file.

Laser Interface + Add-ons

High Value Materials Package

High Value Materials Package
For customers who deal regularly with materials from companies like 3M and Rogers, we recommend the High Value Materials Package. This subscription-based service allows access to a continually growing database of high value materials; It’s like having a team of dedicated laser application engineers right on your production floor.

Direct Import

High Value Materials Package

Have you ever received a design file from a customer or colleague and wished you had a more efficient way to process it?

If so, Universal Laser Systems has a solution: Direct Import. This add-on, available now, allows a user to import certain types of files directly into the Universal Control Panel, without the need to use any third party software. It is compatible with PDF and DXF file formats.

Direct Import can help you use your time more efficiently. Instead of going through the process of opening your graphics software, loading a file, printing and adjusting application print parameters, you can simply open the Universal Control Panel, click the import button, and locate your file on the disk. The file will then be loaded into the laser processing queue just as if you had printed it, but with far less time and effort needed on your part.

The Old Process

old graphics import process

New Direct Import Process

new Direct Import process

Direct Import does more than simply streamline your laser processing workflow, however. Files imported using Direct Import will produce crisper, higher quality results than other files under certain circumstances. See for yourself: the two photos below show a laser marking made by a Universal system equipped with Direct Import and a marking made by a prominent competitor.

1/10 inch circle diameter comparison of Universal and the leading competitor

Whether you are looking to streamline your laser processing workflow or improve the quality of your marking and engraving, Direct Import may be just what you're looking for. Contact your Universal representative for more information.

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