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Configure Your System

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Laser platforms vary in terms of work area size and maximum laser power compatibility. When selecting your laser platform, make sure the platform is large enough for your application and can supply enough power to efficiently process your material.

You should also consider what options you want, as different laser platforms can be equipped with different options. Generally, the PLS and ILS platforms are compatible with a larger number of performance-enhancing options than the VLS platforms. Try out several configurations until you find one that fits your needs.

For maximum material processing flexibility, consider the PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform. Only the PLS6MW is compatible with lasers of different wavelengths, so it can process a broader spectrum of materials than other laser platforms.

Also, don't forget that your needs may grow as your business expands. While every laser platform can be equipped with multiple laser sources, you cannot equip a platform with a laser source that exceeds its maximum laser power. If your throughput needs are moderate but may increase in the future, investing in a platform with a higher maximum laser power may prove to be a wise decision.