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New Laser Interface+ Improves Accuracy, Speed

New Laser Interface+ Improves Accuracy, Speed

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. (ULS), a leading manufacturer of CO2 lasers and laser systems, has announced an update to its innovative Laser Interface+ driver software. This new version, available for download April 16, features more accurate and efficient materials database settings as well as a more intuitive material selection interface. It will be provided free of charge to users of current laser systems. It is not compatible with legacy systems.

Universal’s Laser Interface+ laser control software has long been the industry standard for ease of use; to achieve excellent laser processing results, the user must only insert a material, select the correct material type, enter the material thickness, and press start. A detailed database of material processing information makes this ease of use possible by calculating ideal processing settings based on material type, material thickness, and laser power.

The latest update to Laser Interface+ improves the accuracy, efficiency, and in many cases the speed of the materials settings generated by the database. Through careful research, engineers at Universal’s Advanced Materials Processing Center have developed more refined processing algorithms for the materials database that powers the Laser Interface+ driver. The updated algorithms yield improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness across the material spectrum. That means that materials processed using settings generated by the materials database will enjoy higher processing speeds and better quality results in many instances.

In addition to the improvements in processing settings, the new version of Laser Interface+ features a streamlined, tree-based materials selection interface, making it easier to store and locate materials.

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Room #208 Hanwha Biz Metro 242 Digital-Ro, Guro-Gu
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