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Here is a summary of the latest news and information about Universal Laser Systems and our technology. This includes upcoming events, media articles in which Universal Laser Systems appears, product and technology announcements, as well as trade show information.

Press Releases

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. Installs Laser System at Rice University

ULS Multiwave HybridTM technology enables futuristic Graphene research.

Universal Laser Systems® Expands Portfolio of Laser Materials Processing Systems with the XLS Platform

XLS platform-based laser systems are designed and ideally suited for precision 2D cutting and surface modification in product research and development, academic research, prototyping, pre-production and production environments. Major features of the new platform include rapid, high-accuracy laser beam positioning and the flexibility to be configured with 9.3µm and 10.6µm CO2 lasers and 1.06µm fiber lasers. All lasers are air-cooled in a range of power from 10 to 500 watt for CO2 and 40 to 200 watt for fiber lasers.


Select the Correct Lens and See the Difference

Editorial from Awards & Engraving Magazine Oct 2015

Get Perfect Quality Every Time Using 1-Touch Laser Photo

Article from Awards and Imaging Magazine Dec 2015

White Papers

Laser Processing for Gasket Fabrication

An in-depth look at the use of laser systems for gasket fabrication

MultiWave Hybrid Laser Processing of Micrometer Scale Features for Flexible Electronics Applications

In this work we will explore the application of MultiWave Hybrid technology to the fabrication of flexible electronic circuits.


Rice University's Laser-Induced Graphene Makes Simple, Powerful Energy Storage Possible

Rice University demonstrates their implementation of ULS technologies.

Technical Conference Presentations

Multiple Wavelength Laser Processing Technology for Flexible Manufacturing

Multiple wavelength laser processing technology allows laser beams of several different wavelengths to be combined to form a single, coaxial beam. This hybrid laser beam is capable of cutting composite materials, which are composed of matrix and reinforcing materials that have different optical and physical characteristics.

Laser Materials Processing Using a Multiple Wavelength Hybrid Beam

For processing composite materials, the advantage of two or more laser beams with different wavelengths is discussed.

Cutting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Using Multiple Laser Wavelengths

Forces exerted by mechanical cutting of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites can lead to delamination. Laser cutting can significantly reduce delamination because there is no mechanical force exerted on the composite. However the heating induced by conventional laser cutting can decompose the polymer near the cut edge, which also degrades the mechanical integrity of the composite. Laser cutting using multiple wavelengths overcomes these issues, and creates a clean laser cut edge with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ).

LASYS Stuttgart

May 31 - June 2, 2016

Stuttgart, Germany

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The NBM B.I.G. Show Indianapolis

Jun 2 - Jun 4, 2016

Indianapolis, IN

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SkillsUSA Louisville

Jun 20 - Jun 24, 2016

Louisville, KY

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The NBM Show Long Beach

July 14 - 16, 2016

Long Beach, California

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