LuciteLux™ and Laser Processing Technology

Use a Universal laser system to process wood without having to sharpen or replace tools. Universal laser systems can streamline your manufacturing because the same Universal laser system can cut, engrave, image and mark a wide variety of hard and soft woods. They can also be used to add inlays or engravings to finished items.

Key Benefits

  • Engraving with intricate and repeatable results, for unique visual effects.
  • Cutting with intricate detail with a finely finished edge result
  • Creating high-resolution custom textures and patterns without the need for lamination or molding.
  • Rapid prototyping of display and concept parts
  • Easy estimation of run time allows for rapid and reliable responses to customer needs.
  • Seamless ramp up from first articles to volume production
  • Flexibility to quickly change design without the need for special tooling or fixturing

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