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VLS2.30 Dimensional Drawings
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Choice of five colors
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Package includes:

  • VLS2.30 desktop - with 16” x 12” (406 x 305 mm) processing area and 4” (102 mm) motorized Z for accommodating thick materials.

  • 30W air-cooled RF metal laser source (10.6µm) - ULS metal lasers are known for long life, superior beam quality, and rapid laser pulsing for fast processing without loss of quality, unlike the short life, poor beam quality and slow processing provided by glass lasers. All ULS metal lasers have no glass, no water cooling, no high maintenance water pump and chiller, and no dangerous high voltages required like with glass lasers. Learn More

  • 2.0” lens kit - the ideal focus lens for engraving and cutting the widest variety of materials.

  • Powerful user interface - easy to use user interface and intelligent materials database. The ever-expanding database of laser processable materials allows users to achieve optimal results and avoid the learning curve for processing new materials. Learn More

  • 1-Touch Laser Photo™ software - the easiest way to transform an ordinary photograph into a professional quality engraving. Learn More

  • Direct file import (PDF/DXF) software - enables users to import .PDF and .DXF files directly into the laser system control software without printing from the original design software for ease-of-use, improved vector quality, and allowing designs from a PC or Mac. Learn More

  • Air assist with optics protection “ready” - directs high-pressure air to point of laser processing for best processing results unlike other systems that use an underperforming air curtain that doesn’t pinpoint air delivery directly to the laser processing point (focus spot) or miniature fan that doesn’t provide enough air to assist with laser processing. Just add your compressed clean air source and an optional coaxial (cone) attachment or lateral (back-sweep) attachment.

  • Rotary “ready” - quickly install the optional rotary fixture to process cylindrical materials up to 4.5” (115 mm) in diameter.

  • Solid construction - metal construction with laminated safety glass window for durability and safety.

  • Meets all Class 1 laser safety requirements - safe in any environment. Safety is further enhanced with an over-temperature alarm.

  • Made by ULS - uncompromised quality, proven reliability, and durability, with over 30 years of delivering the most flexible and scalable laser technology for professionals.

  • Available in multiple colors - red, blue, green, yellow or purple.

  • 1-year warranty on the desktop

  • 2-year warranty on the laser source

*Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  • Universal will ship the promotional configuration (VLS2.30 – 30W Laser) to any customer located within the 48 contiguous United States for a flat fee of $175.00, insurance included. Shipping method and carrier will be determined by Universal. Additional charges will apply for shipments outside of the 48 contiguous United States, special handling or services, accessories, or options. Contact Universal for additional information.

  • Limited time offer. Contact ULS for details.

  • Price does not include items noted as optional above or additional options/accessories available for purchase. Price does not include installation and training.
  • Additional items may be required for proper configuration and installation.
  • Limited quantities available.

  • Standard ULS Terms & Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranties apply.

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Platform Specifications

Laser Material Processing Area (W x H)
Maximum Part Size (W x H x D)
Overall Dimensions
Rotary Capacity
Motorized Z-Axis Lifting Capacity
Pass-Through™ Class 4 Mode
Accessible Work Area Pass-Through™ Class 4 Mode Clearance
Available Focusing Lenses
Laser Platform Interface Panel
Computer Requirements
PC Connection
Optics Protection
Cabinet Style
Laser Options
Power Requirements
Exhaust Requirements

Platform Features

Universal’s laser systems use high quality digital motors which don’t require expensive and complicated optical encoders to function, increasing reliability.

Laser Features

Universal’s laser systems use high quality digital motors which don’t require expensive and complicated optical encoders to function, increasing reliability.