• PLS6.75 Platform
  • PLS6.75 Platform
  • PLS6.75 Platform
  • PLS6.75 Platform
PLS6.75 Specs

PLS6.75 Specs

Platform Specifications

Laser Material Processing Area (W x H) 32 x 18 in (813 x 457 mm)
Maximum Part Size (W x H x D) 37 x 23 x 9 in (940 x 584 x 229 mm)
Overall Dimension (W x H x D) 44 x 39 x 36 in (1118 x 991 x 914 mm)
Rotary Capacity Max Diameter 8 in (203 mm)
Motorized Z Axis Lifting Capacity 40 lbs (18 kg)
Standard Focusing Lenses 2.0 in (51 mm)
HPDFO™ (High Power Density Focusing Optics)
Laser Platform Interface Panel Keypad and LCD display show current file name, laser power, engraving speed, PPI and run time.
Computer Requirements Requires a dedicated PC to operate
Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 - 32/64 bit
PC Connection USB 2.0 or higher
Optics Protection Available with Optional Air Assist
Cabinet Style Free-Standing
Laser Options 10, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75 watts
Weight 325 lbs (147 kg)
Power Requirements 110V/10A
Exhaust Requirements Two 4 in (102 mm) ports
500 CFM @ 6 in static pressure (850 m3/hr at 1.5 kPa)


ellipse Gas Assist ellipse
Manual Air Assist (with Optics Protection)

Air Assist with Optics Protection creates positive air pressure around all optics and directs compressed air or gas onto the surface of the material being processed. This compressed air keeps debris and smoke away from the optics, suppresses combustion of fumes, reduces accumulation of residue on material surface, and increases cut quality on most materials.


  • Protects optics
  • Reduces accumulation of residue deposits
  • Improves cutting and engraving performance
Manual Gas Assist
Computer Controlled Gas Assist (with Optics Protection)

Adds computer control of flow to Air Assist with Optics Protection and adds an additional port for gas. The percentage of air or gas flow is computer controlled through a valve system allowing differing settings for each process within a job file.


  • Protects optics
  • Reduces accumulation of residue deposits
  • Improves cutting and engraving performance
  • Provides enhanced control over individual processes and improved ease of use
Computer Controlled Gas
Coaxial Gas Assist Attachment

The Coaxial Gas Assist option attaches to the carriage for use in air assisted applications. It directs compressed gas coaxially with the laser beam path and orthogonal to the surface of the material.


  • Protects optics
  • Carries heat away from processing site more efficiently reducing heat affected zone and producing a higher cut edge
  • Ideal for wood, plastic, and similar materials
  • Reduces potential for combustion of fumes
Coaxial Gas Assist
Lateral Gas Assist Attachment

The Lateral Gas Assist option attaches to the carriage for use in air assisted applications. It directs compressed air onto the material at an adjustable angle to the laser beam.


  • Protects optics
  • Keeps debris from accumulating upon the material surface when processing materials that produce heavy amounts of solid particulate
  • Ideal for materials that produce a lot of particulate
Lateral Gas
Compressed Air Source

The Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit is a quiet, compact compressed air unit that provides clean, oil- and moisture-free optical quality air to the laser system for air assisted laser processing and optics protection.


  • Designed specifically for laser processing
  • Extends optics lifetime
  • Communicates with your system
  • Recommended for use with Air Assist
Compressed Air Source
ellipse Air Filtration and Handling ellipse
UAC 2000 Filtration System

This patent-pending 4-stage filtering system integrates with all ULS single laser systems.


  • Market-first patent filtration and monitoring provide superior filtering of particulate and fumes, while extending the life of the carbon filters
  • 4-stage filtration system; Pre-filte, HEPA filter, dual activated carbon filters
  • Integration allows filtration to be conveniently turned on and off with laser processing
UAC 2000 Air Filtration Unit
ellipse Material Handling ellipse
Pin Table

This module contains moveable pins and is placed on the material support surface to allow rigid materials to be cut by lasers with greatly reduced back reflection.


  • Eliminates damage to material being processed due to laser back reflection
  • Pins are easy to reconfigure
Pin Table
Flow-Through Cutting Table

This module has a honeycomb structure above a vented exhaust chamber that is placed on the material support surface to allow air to be exhausted downward through a material that is being cut by a laser.


  • Holds down the material being processed in order to prevent movement or evacuation of small or thin parts due to the exhaust flow
  • Reduces damage to material being processed due to back reflection of the laser beam
  • Reduces the accumulation of residue on the back side of cut materials
Cutting Table
Rotary Fixture

The Rotary Fixture accessory extends the capabilities of ULS laser systems by giving the user the ability to mark or engrave cylindrical objects.


  • Engrave cylindrical objects
  • Rotates automatically
  • Handles tapered objects
Rotary Fixture
ellipse Optics ellipse
1.5" Lens

The 1.5” lens and HPDFO are ideal for very detailed engraving at high resolutions and can be used for cutting of thin films when small cut width and fine detail in the cut pattern are required. HPDFO has the added capability of marking directly on metals.


  • Ideal for very detailed engraving at high resolutions
  • Can be used for cutting thin films with fine detail
1.5 Lens
2.0" Lens

The 2.0" lens is a good all-around lens capable of cutting well to thicknesses of up to .5” and capable of marking with reasonable detail and efficiently removing material when surface engraving larger areas.


  • Good all-around lens
  • Cuts well up to .5 in (12.7 mm) thickness
2.0 Lens
2.5" Lens

The 2.5” lens provides good engraving detail and is ideal to use when clearance or tolerance is an issue. This lens has a longer focal length and great tolerance, making it excellent for cutting thick materials up to 5/8” (15.875mm) depending on the material. This lens also provides an additional 1/2” (12.7mm) clearance over the standard 2.0”; however, it also reduces the Z axis (table height) by that same 1/2” (12.7mm) amount.


  • Ideal for engraving detail when clearance is an issue
  • Excellent for cutting thicker materials
2.5 Lens
4.0" Lens

The 3.0" and 4.0" lenses are best for cutting thicker materials (greater than .5”) and for minimizing taper on cuts in general. They can also be used when clearance issues on some parts being laser processed require more distance between the motion system carriage and the site of laser processing.


  • Ideal for cutting thicker materials (greater than .5 in or 12.7mm)
  • Can be used when clearance issues require more distance
4.0 Lens

This patented technology creates a significantly smaller focal spot and higher laser energy density at a specific focal length. This requires Collimator.


  • Direct metal marking on some metals using a 10.6 wavelength
  • Marking of very small or detailed text and graphics
ellipse Productivity Enhancers ellipse
Automation Interface

This interface makes it possible to integrate a ULS laser system into an automated manufacturing environment.


  • Allows integration into factory line
Automation Interface
Dual Head

This accessory can simultaneously engrave or cut two copies of an image or pattern, greatly increasing productivity when an image or cutting pattern needs to be repeated many times. Laser power available for each copy of the image or cut is half the total power available from the laser, so a higher powered laser is recommended for thicker materials.


  • Produce multiple identical items quickly
  • Increases both engraving and cutting productivity
Dual Head

Also known as a beam expander, the Collimator expands and collimates the laser beam, minimizing divergence across the laser processing area producing more consistent focal spot size and energy density. Required for HPDFO.


  • Aids in consistency of results from one corner of the laser processing area to the other
  • Maintains a more consistent power density
ellipse Software ellipse
1-Touch Laser Photo™

1-Touch Laser Photo is an exclusive Universal Laser Systems software application that allows you to quickly and easily make almost any photograph laser engraveable.


  • Allows you to make nearly any image laser engraveable
  • Automatically adjusts contrast and definition for optimal processing
  • Simple software makes cropping, resizing, rotating and mirroring images easy
1-Touch Photo
Direct File Import

Direct File Import enables users to import certain graphic file formats (PDF/DXF/STL/G-Code) directly into the laser system control software bypassing the printing process.


  • Removes process of opening graphics software, loading a file, printing and adjusting application print parameters, and the like
  • Allows for one-click quick import; file is loaded directly into the laser processing queue
  • Produces crisper, higher quality cutting by supporting true curves
Direct File Import
Intelligent Materials Database Subscription

This database subscription and associated materials-based print driver give you the choice of automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings.


  • Ever expanding database of laser processable materials allows users to achieve optimal results and avoid the learning curve for processing new materials
  • Gives you complete control over your laser processing parameters when needed
Intelligent Materials Database

Platform Features

High Reliability Digital Motors

ULS laser systems use high quality digital motors which don’t require expensive and complicated optical encoders to function, increasing reliability.

Intelligent Laser Energy Management Engine

This feature maintains consistent energy density at any processing speed producing uniform marks and constant depth when cutting, marking and engraving.

Laminated Safety Glass

Glass viewing windows create a safe enclosure for laser processing.

LCD Display

PLS/ILS laser systems come equipped with an onboard LCD display, allowing you to move the motion system and Z-axis manually during setup or to change job settings on the fly. This function is useful when determining optimal settings for new applications.

Multiple Automatic Focusing Methods

All ULS laser systems can be focused automatically based on material thickness or by using a convenient manual focusing tool. Some ULS laser systems can also be automatically focused using special sensors to detect the top surface of the material being laser processed.

Multiple Language Support

Supported languages include English, German, Japanese, Spanish French, Italian, and more.

Over-Temp Alarm (for fire safety)

An over temperature alarm installed in every Universal laser system monitors the temperature of the work area. If an unusually high temperature is detected, the system will turn off the laser and trigger an audible alarm.

Permanently Sealed Bearings

Our sealed, self-lubricating motion system bearings keep dust and debris out, resulting in a longer bearing life.

Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts

Durable belts provide a long life of reliable processing.

Laser Features

Air-Cooled Laser Source

Because our laser sources are air-cooled, no complicated liquid cooling systems are required.

High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability

Our laser sources provide consistent power for predictably excellent processing results.

Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)

All ULS lasers are air cooled by computer-controlled fans. Fan speed is reduced or increased as a function of laser temperature, reducing noise levels when the lasers are being used on lower power settings.

Laser Pointer

A red laser pointer is installed for easy material alignment.

Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility

Laser sources can be freely interchanged between laser platforms.

Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design

Our patented laser sources use free-space gas slab resonators to produce an excellent quality beam with even power distribution and good near and far field characteristics.

Patented Pre-Aligned Laser Sources

Laser sources are pre-aligned at the factory and do not need to be internally realigned.

Smart Laser Source Technology

Because we manufacture our own lasers, ULS lasers can communicate their model number to the laser system CPU, allowing the laser system to automatically choose the right settings for a particular material based on available laser power.

Warranty Available Up To 5 Years

Our standard warranty can be extended for up to half a decade of coverage.

Wide Selection of Power Levels

Lasers are available at power levels from 10 to 150 watts.