• XLS10MWH Platform
  • XLS10MWH Platform
  • XLS10MWH Platform
  • XLS10MWH Platform
XLS10MWH Specs

XLS10MWH Dimensional Drawings

Platform Overview

The XLS10MWH consists of the newest and highest performance laser material processing solutions designed for highest acceleration and speed plus highest precision and accuracy. The new Laser System Manager™ control and management software gives the user the best usability in any environment from R&D to production. The new industrial accessories, including the UAC 4000 Air Cleaner and Fire Suppression Unit, make the XLS an outstanding total solution package.

With Universal’s Rapid Reconfiguration technology, any of the following lasers can be used: two 10.6µm CO2 lasers (available from 10 to 75 watts for a total power of up to 150 watts); one 10.6µm CO2 laser (available from 10 to 75 watts) and one 9.3µm CO2 laser (available in 30, 50 or 75 watts). One 1.06µm fiber laser (available in 40 and 50 watts) can also be used.

Platform Specifications

Laser Material Processing Area (W x H)40 x 24 in (1016 x 610 mm)
Maximum Part Size (W x H x D)Within laser platform enclosure:
61 x 33 x12 in (1550 x 838 x 304 mm)

Using Class 4 Pass-Through mode:
∞ x 33 x 12 in (∞ x 838 x 304 mm)
Overall Dimension (W x H x D)69.2 x 61 x 54 in (1758 x 1550 x 1372 mm)
Available Focus Lenses2.0 in (50 mm)
3.0 in (75 mm)
HPDFO™ (High Power Density Focusing Optics)
Computer RequirementsRequires dedicated PC with Windows® 7/8/10 32/64 bit and one available USB port (2.0 or higher)
Laser OptionsLaser Configurations Supported
Multiple: (1) Fiber laser and up to (2) CO2 lasers

Laser Power Range Supported
CO2 (10.6μ) 10 to 150 W
CO2 (9.3μ): 30, 50, and 75 W
Fiber (1.06μ): 40 and 50 W
WeightApproximately 850 lbs (386 Kg) excluding lasers
Power RequirementsDual receptacle 220V-240V AC, 30A, 50/60Hz
Exhaust RequirementsExternal Exhaust or Air Cleaner required
(Consult factory for specifications)
Laser SafetyCO2 Laser: Class 1
Diode Pointer: Class 2
Pass-Through mode: Class 4 (optional module required)
Material SupportUp to 80 lbs (36 Kg) lift capacity

Included Accessories

Optional Accessories

Platform Features

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