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Universal Laser Systems® Expands Portfolio of Laser Materials Processing Systems with the XLS Platform

January 22, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ – XLS platform-based laser systems are designed and ideally suited for precision 2D cutting and surface modification in product research and development, academic research, prototyping, pre-production and production environments. Major features of the new platform include rapid, high-accuracy laser beam positioning and the flexibility to be configured with 9.3µm and 10.6µm CO2 lasers and 1.06µm fiber lasers. All lasers are air-cooled in a range of power from 10 to 500 watt for CO2 and 40 to 200 watt for fiber lasers.

The variety of wavelengths and power ranges make the XLS highly-effective in the areas of organic material modification including plastic films, industrial fabrics, engineering plastics, laminating adhesives, composite materials and many others. Additionally, when equipped with high-power lasers, it can be used for thin metal cutting, micro-machining and direct metal marking.

For ultimate materials processing flexibility, an XLS system can be equipped with patent-pending MultiWave HybridTM technology, offering the broadest range of compatibility with otherwise challenging-to-process materials in industries from Aerospace and Electronics to Consumer Goods Manufacturing. This unique technology uses a combined beam of laser power containing up to three wavelengths – 9.3µm, 10.6µm and 1.06µm – in a single coaxial beam. Each spectral component of the beam is independently controlled and can be modulated in real time. To see a demonstration of XLS capabilities or to learn more about this technology, please contact: Chris Campbell at 480.483.1214 x123 or


With a laser power range up to 500 watts CO2 and 200 watts fiber, the XLS Platform is designed for precision 2D cutting and surface modification. When equipped with MultiWave HybridTM technology, the XLS offers the ultimate in processing flexibility for a variety of materials.