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ULS Innovations

1-Touch Laser Photo

1-Touch Laser Photo is an innovative product for converting digital photographs (BMP, JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats) into bitmap files that can be used to indelibly mark or laser engrave the image into materials such as hard wood, stone or metal to create high value products. This transforms an ordinary photograph into a professional quality laser engraving. Prior to 1-Touch this was possible only by experimenting with halftone screens, dithering patterns, and laser settings – an expensive and time consuming methodology. 1-Touch automates this process and provides these benefits:

  • Optimize Return on Investment

    1-Touch Laser Photo automatically converts digital photographs to optimized bitmaps, saving both time and materials.
  • High Quality Results

    Image processing software developed by the experts at ULS delivers professional quality laser marking and laser engraving results every time.
  • Broadest Range of Material Compatibility

    Photographs can be laser marked or laser engraved onto hundreds of materials using the optimized process setting calculated by the ULS Intelligent Materials Database.
  • Regular Software Updates

    New materials are added to 1-Touch Laser Photo every quarter.
  • Intuitive User Interface

    All that’s needed are three easy steps to transform a digital photograph to a professional-quality engraving.
  • Stand Alone Software

    1-Touch Laser Photo is compatible with all brands of laser engravers

  • How to Create High Quality Laser Engraved Photos

    1-Touch Laser Photo transforms digital photographs into single bit raster graphics that are suitable for laser marking and laser engraving. The software does this by applying the bitmap screen that is the most suitable for the material that is being marked or engraved. 1-Touch also automatically applies image enhancements that have been developed by ULS. The finished bitmap is then exported to the laser system for laser marking or laser engraving the chosen material.

    One Touch Laser Photo™ Sizing and Cropping Image

    Sizing and cropping image

    One Touch Laser Photo™ Bitmap Filter

    Selecting material from drop-down menu to automatically apply bitmap filter and image enhancements

    Photo Engraved onto Cherry Hardwood with 1-Touch

    Photograph engraved onto cherry wood using 1-Touch Laser Photo

  • Optimize Return on Investment

    1-Touch Laser Photo eliminates the need to experiment with bitmap screens and image enhancements. This saves time and eliminates wasted material. Instead of repeated cycles of trial and error, 1-Touch Laser Photo users simply step through the process outlined above to achieve professional quality laser engraving results. This process delivers finished products quickly, thereby improving the return on investment for the laser system owner.

  • High Quality Results

    A team of image processing experts, materials scientists, and software engineers at ULS worked together to create 1-Touch Laser Photo, the industry’s premier laser photo engraving software package. The software automatically applies the ideal halftone screen for each material. The software also automatically applies image enhancements.

  • Broadest Range of Material Compatibility

    1-Touch Laser Photo works seamlessly with the ULS Materials Database to allow photos to be laser marked or laser engraved onto hundreds of materials. Here are just a few examples:

    Photographs engraved onto nine different materials using 1-Touch™ Laser Photo

    Photographs engraved onto nine different materials using 1-Touch Laser Photo

  • Regular Software Updates

    Laser material processing technology is constantly advancing. 1-Touch Laser Photo keeps pace with these advances by adding new materials every quarter.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Users worldwide have confirmed that 1-Touch Laser Photo is the most user friendly imaging software in the laser processing industry. The intuitive user interface along with automatic image processing allow even novice users to produce professional quality results.

  • Stand Alone Software

    1-Touch Laser Photo operates independently of the laser system control software. This allows it to be used with any brand of laser engraver.