ULS Innovations

Modular Architecture

Universal Laser Systems offers a wide range of modular components that can be configured into more than 1,000,000 different laser system combinations, giving customers the ultimate flexibility to create the best solution to meet their business objectives. The modules are designed as an eco-system, where the modules work in concert with one another to form a customer’s optimal laser material processing solution.

    With hundreds of thousands of materials suitable for laser cutting, engraving, and marking, it is important to ensure that a customer can adapt their laser system to achieve optimal results. The ULS modular design philosophy enables customers to build a solution that can easily be reconfigured at any time. A solution can be made up of one or more laser material processing systems. In a single system configuration, components can be added or removed to address specific material processing requirements. In a multiple-system configuration, components can be shared between systems and new components added or removed as needed to optimize the entire solution.

    • Modular Design

      Core to our modular design philosophy is our mission to deliver the industry’s best laser material processing solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience. To accomplish this, components are designed and developed to:

      • Optimize the customer’s return on investment
      • Improve laser material processing quality, productivity, and flexibility
      • Expand the number of materials that can be processed using a laser system
      • Reduce maintenance and downtime
      • Enhance user, facility and equipment safety
      • Simplify system usability