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Hi-Tech Products Expands Manufacturing Capability with Universal Laser Systems ULTRA X6000

Buena Park, CA - 16 December, 2019 - Hi-Tech Products, a precision die cutting company, has recently expanded its capability through the purchase of a new ULTRA X6000 laser system from Universal Laser Systems (ULS).

For over 40 years, Hi-Tech has helped companies manufacture complex engineered components in the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. While they are well known experts in custom rotary die cutting, Hi-Tech needed a tool that could achieve tight tolerances and detail too narrow for a die cutting blade. They were looking for a flexible solution that could perform well on a wide variety of materials and customer applications.

Through their own research and discussion with ULS material processing experts, Hi-Tech determined that the ULTRA X6000 was the right fit.

The ULTRA X6000 laser system offers virtually unlimited potential to process a vast range of materials with extreme precision. At the core of the ULTRA X6000 is patented MultiWave Hybrid™ technology, which allows the user to optimize laser energy absorption by combining multiple wavelengths onto one focal point on the material. This enables the system to process the broadest range of materials, including multi-layer laminates and complex composites.

Hi-Tech has big plans to use the ULTRA X6000 for microfluidics applications in life sciences and medical devices. The digital manufacturing tool is able to engrave precise capillary flow channels at a microscale into materials such as thin film plastics and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

Jeff Ruch, President of Hi-Tech Products, commented, “As a world-class converter, we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and deliver more value for our customers. We were really impressed by the performance and versatility of the machine from Universal Laser Systems as well as their high level of technical support.”

Universal Laser Systems is a global manufacturer of high-performance laser systems for machining materials (cutting, drilling, scoring, marking, and more.)

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