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Universal Laser Systems Installs the First High-Power MultiWave Hybrid™ System at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg, Germany

Vienna, Austria - March 9, 2017 - Universal Laser Systems, Inc., the world’s leader in equipment for laser material processing, has installed a high-power XLS10MWH laser system with the patented Multiwave Hybrid™ technology in the newly opened applied optics laboratory facilities of the University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg, Germany. Equipped with a 250W CO2 laser and a 50W fiber laser, this advanced system represents top-of-the-line laser material processing technology and will greatly expand the testing and research capabilities of the faculty and students in the Department of Applied Physics at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in the area of hybrid technology.

The Department of Physical Engineering at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, which is an integral part of the Applied Physics Department, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and a significant event in this milestone was the ceremonial opening of a modern laboratory facility in a newly incorporated part of the university campus. This new building provides students and faculty members with spacious seminar, office, and lecture facilities, as well as a host of modern machines, equipment, and laboratory space for research projects and practical lab work. With an emphasis on applied optics and laser technology, the Department of Physical Engineering is tightly linked to important suppliers of laser technology and can boast many years of experience in the use of high-tech laser devices. The new high-power XLS10MWH system will occupy an important place in both the research and educational activities of the department and will render possible the processing and testing of materials, including plastic films, industrial films, engineering plastics, laminating adhesives and composite materials, as well as many others..

“With this system, we see excellent possibilities for expanding our expertise in the processing and testing of complex composite materials and look forward to sharing and exchanging these findings with relevant companies in the surrounding area,” says Professor Doctor Klaus Behler, Head of the academic group for Applied Laser Technology at the institute. “In this way, our cooperation with partners in industry will be strengthened for the good of everyone, and our students will be able to gain new insights into material processing that are relevant in industrial applications.” The German university system of Applied Sciences has a clear charter to develop strong relationships with industrial companies, which is meant to provide students practical experience and get them involved in projects that are relevant to these potential employers in their region. The Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences is located in one of the most technologically advanced regions in Germany and profits immensely from its interactions with local industrial players.

Daniel Thölken, a master’s graduate of the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, was the primary driver behind the acquisition of the XLS-System. He manages the many high-tech devices in the newly equipped laboratory facility and said the following with respect to the recently installed machine from ULS: “We are very much looking forward to testing the extensive capabilities of this technology. Whether using the high-power 250W laser alone or in conjunction with the fiber laser, we will be able to undertake sophisticated tests on a myriad different materials. In this process, we are especially hopeful that we will be able to discover new applications for the MultiWave Hybrid technology.”

The industry-first MultiWave Hybrid laser system combines beams from multiple lasers into a single, hybrid laser beam. Users can leverage this technology to combine a number of different laser power levels and wavelengths. For example, 1.06 µm, 9.3 µm, and 10.6 µm laser beams can be combined in any proportion to create a number of desired effects on various materials. Additionally, users can independently control each laser.

Kevin Kearney, Managing Director for EMEA at Universal Laser Systems, sees great potential in cooperating with the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences: “The combination of academic research and proximity to industry at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences is truly unique. We are convinced that the cooperation will be beneficial for all parties, and that the students and faculty at the University of Applied Sciences will discover new and important applications for our MultiWave Hybrid technology.”

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About the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences
The Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences is a German institution of higher learning with locations in Friedberg, Gießen and Wetzlar, as well as branch campuses in Bad Hersfeld, Bad Wildungen, Bad Vilbel, Biedenkopf and Frankenberg. The university was established in 1971 and is accordingly one of the newest institutions of its kind in the federal state of Hessen. With 17,227 students (2016), it is the largest of the five universities of applied sciences in the federal state of Hessen. On a national basis, the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences is the fourth largest behind similar institutions in Cologne, Munich and Hamburg (