EVA Foam

EVA Foam Overview

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, which is also known as polyethylene-vinyl acetate (PEVA), is a co-polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Laser processing of EVA foam can be accomplished with a 9.3 micron or 10.6 micron CO2 laser with little appreciable difference in process quality. The energy from a 1.06 micron fiber laser is not readily absorbed by EVA foam and is not recommended for use with this material. Laser cutting of EVA foam with a CO2 laser produces a wide cut with some light brown discoloration. Laser engraving of EVA foam with a CO2 laser creates depth with a slightly tacky surface, melted edges, and a darkening of the surface. Laser marking of EVA foam is not possible with the 9.3, 10.6, or the 1.06 micron wavelengths.

Applicable Laser Processes for EVA Foam

Laser Cutting
Laser Engraving