Low Odor Laser Rubber

Low Odor Laser Rubber Overview

Low odor laser rubber (LOR) is a synthetic silicone rubber specifically formulated for laser processing. Low odor laser rubber can be laser processed with either a 9.3 or 10.6 micron CO2 laser without an appreciable difference in quality. Processing of low odor laser rubber with a 1.06 micron fiber laser is not recommended as the wavelength is not readily absorbed by the material. Laser cutting of low odor laser rubber with a 9.3 or 10.6 micron CO2 laser produces a well defined cut, leaving some tacky debris on the cut edge which can be cleaned with a solvent. Laser engraving with a CO2 laser produces depth; however, a thin layer of debris is deposited on the surface. This can be readily cleaned with a soft brush. Laser marking of low odor laser rubber is not possible with the 1.06, 9.3, or 10.6 micron wavelengths.

Applicable Laser Processes for Low Odor Laser Rubber

Laser Cutting
Laser Engraving