Pyralux® Overview

Pyralux® is a DuPont® flexible circuit material consisting of laminated layers of copper, adhesive, polyimide, and other components. Laser processing Pyralux® can be performed with a 1.06 micron fiber laser and a 9.3 micron CO2 laser. The 10.6 micron laser is able to ablate the organic components of Pyralux®. However, processing with a 9.3 micron CO2 laser results in a significant reduction in carbonization as compared to the 10.6 micron CO2 laser. Laser cutting of Pyralux® is performed with a Multiwave Hybrid (the laser beams are combined into one coaxial beam) laser process consisting of the 1.06 micron fiber and 9.3 micron CO2 laser energy. The fiber laser ablates the copper, while the CO2 laser ablates the adhesive and polyimide layers creating a clean sharp cut edge in a single process. Laser engraving of Pyralux® is also performed with a 9.3 micron CO2 and 1.06 micron fiber laser in a Multiwave Hybrid laser process. The CO2 laser ablates the polyimide and adhesive layers, while the 1.06 micron fiber laser ablates the carbon buildup to expose the underlying copper. Laser marking of Pyralux® can be performed with a 1.06 micron fiber and creates a sharp black mark.

Applicable Laser Processes for Pyralux®

Laser Cutting
Laser Marking
Laser Engraving