Universal Laser Systems features an ecosystem design philosophy that just doesn’t provide customers with a predetermined box of capabilities but rather presents an opportunity to custom build a system ideally suited for their needs. ULS modular architecture opens the door to more than 1 million system configurations consisting of three primary building blocks: platforms, lasers and options.


The platforms range from the desktop version with a material processing area of 16x12 inches and topping out with our advanced systems with a processing area of 48x24 inches. Our market leading patented technologies are available throughout our entire range of platforms. Technology innovations such as Rapid Reconfiguration, Dual Lasers, Multiwave Hybrid Technology, and HPDFO all allow customers to configure their systems based on need and quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively adapt their system without requiring a field technician or the purchase of a new system to meet changing and future needs.


Universal Laser Systems leveraged decades of materials processing research and expertise to influence the development of its proprietary integrated air-cooled, metal core, CO2 laser source, with a mode-replicating, free-space slab resonator and an integrated RF power supply. The combination of technologies involved in this design not only makes ULS laser sources compact, but also permits both pulsed and true continuous wave (CW) operation. The combination of military grade construction and the ability to completely reprocess the laser renders these laser sources indefinitely maintainable.

ULS manufactures lasers ranging from 10 watts up to 500 watts in output power at both 10.6µm and 9.3µm wavelengths. All ULS laser sources have integrated air-cooling throughout the entire power range. The ULS design assures additional Universal Features, including Rapid Reconfiguration, Dual Laser, and SuperSpeed technologies.

Aerospace grade welded aluminum, low voltage power supplies along with integrated safety features reduce the risk of hazards and provide additional operational safety.

ULS laser sources have an incredible track record for long service life. Tens of thousands of metal core CO2 lasers have been manufactured by ULS since 1997, with many lasers still in active service after a decade of operation.


The ecosystem design philosophy of Universal Laser Systems allows customers to expand the capabilities of their systems but adding any number options to most platforms. These options include the patented High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO), Camera Registration, Rotary Fixture and industry-leading, state-of-the-art Air Filtration among others. The modular architecture and rapid reconfiguration capabilities of all ULS platforms make creating the optimum solution easy by simply determining and analyzing the customers’ materials and applications building the ideal system by addition the appropriate options.