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The Fundamentals of Laser Technology

ULS History of Innovation

Universal Laser Systems was founded in 1988 with the vision of expanding the potential for laser materials processing to include multiple materials and multiple processes with a single laser system. The foundation of ULS laser systems is a modular design that allows a single platform to be configured to process a myriad of materials.

  • Company is launched in October as Applied Laser Technology with introduction of ALT-2010 with 20 watt laser.
  • Introduction of ALT-5010 with 50 watt laser.
  • Company name change to Universal Laser System (ULS) and re-naming of products ULS 1720 and ULS 1750.
  • Introduction of 100 watt laser version of ULS 1750 dubbed ULS 17100.
  • ULS-25 introduction and creation of an OEM version for Trotec (Trotec 25R).
  • PS introduction with new, larger motion system and OEM versions for Trotec (Trotec 25PSR and Trotec 50PSR).
  • Introduction of the 25E and OEM versions for Trotec (Trotec 25ER) and New Hermes/Gravograph (ISL2000).
  • Introduction of Optima and Optima Jr, exclusive OEM product for New Hermes/Gravograph.
  • Introduction of M, V and X laser systems and OEM versions of M and V models for New Hermes/Gravograph (ISL2001, ISL3001).

    Introduction of first ULS designed and manufactured 25/30 watt lasers.
  • Introduction of first desktop laser system C-200. Additionally, introduction of the first all-in-one laser kiosk for the personalization industry.
  • Introduction of ULS 40 watt and 50 watt lasers.

    Launch of OEM division.
  • Introduction of the "Platform" quick-change laser concept, Rapid ReconfigurationTM and ULS 60 watt laser.

    Introduction of Dual Laser ConfigurationTM concept in X2 platform.
  • Introduction of SuperSpeedTM.
  • Introduction of high-speed laser pulsing enhancements.
  • Introduction of VersaLaser Lasers® Systems and next generation software with first materials database and introduction of ULS 10 watt laser.
  • Introduction of first laser system geared for industrial markets the XL with first ULS servo-drive system.
  • Introduction of HPDFOTM.
  • Introduction of new generation ULR Lasers (new OEM versions: class 4, Basic, Air-Cooled, and Water-Cooled).
  • Introduction of PLS, VLS Desktop and ILS along with Laser Interface+ (second generation materials database driver) and laser job estimation software.
  • Introduction of ULS 75 watt laser, PLS SuperSpeed and VLS Platforms.

    Introduction of 30 and 50 watt 9.3 micron CO2 lasers.
  • Introduction of ILS SuperSpeed, 1-Touch Laser PhotoTM and new Universal Control Panel (UCP) single software interface for all laser systems with new features including relocation and duplication modes.
  • Introduction of new version of 1-Touch Laser Photo™ with material simulation preview.
  • Introduction of PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength laser system.
  • Introduction of Universal Camera RegistrationTM feature for ILS, DXF/PDF import feature.
  • Introduction of XLS10.150D and XLS10MWH industrial laser systems with hydrostatic bearing techology, new generation camera registration, MultiWave HybridTM technology, and the LSMTM (Laser System Manager) next generation control software.

    Introduction of UAC 4000 Air Cleaner with patented dual carbon filters for ILS and XLS platforms.
  • Introduction of 250/500 watt high-power lasers.
  • Introduction of UAC 2000 Air Cleaner for VLS and PLS platforms.

    Awarded patents for Flexible Manufacturing and Multi-Wave Hybrid Technology.

    Introduction of 75 watt 9.3 micron CO2 laser.
  • Introduction of High Power XLS with a 250 watt CO2 laser and a 50 watt fiber laser.
  • Introduction of ULTRA 9 platform with advanced functionality such as high-accuracy beam positioning and auto-focus, collision detection, smart path planning, and support for MultiWave Hybrid technology.

ULS Portfolio of Patents

From its founding in 1988, Universal Laser Systems has been a company driven by innovation, and motivated by the advancement of laser technology and its applications to materials processing. R&D efforts have resulted in a significant portfolio of patents.

VLS Desktop Cabinet Design